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Our learning platform helps self-study FGASA students excel

The Campfire Online Tutorial Tribe is a closed Facebook social learning group for self-study FGASA students. The group is an easy-access, easy-use digital learning space that requires no additional downloads, subscriptions or gadgets. The study material and learning activities for each FGASA module are organised into digital learning units in the group. Every unit includes FGASA video lectures presented by our founder and principal trainer, Laetitia Cronjé. Laetitia’s warm and engaging teaching style creates a stimulating but relaxed learning experience that draws you into the class with her.


After enrolling to join the group, you will receive a Facebook link to the Campfire Online Tutorial Tribe. Follow the link and request to join the group. One of our group admins will approve your request, giving you immediate access to all the FGASA online study material and learning activities.

Duration: student-dependent

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What kind of study material can I expect?

In addition to the full lecture videos, every unit contains a variety of other FGASA material and activities to enrich your learning:


Definitions & Concepts: digital summary notes of all the important words and new ideas introduced in each FGASA module with explanations and examples.

→ Use it as a foundation for each module and a quick-reference whilst studying for the exam.


Practical Videos: videos recorded in class and in the bush that introduce practical skills and illustrate the FGASA theory discussed in the lectures.

→ Use it to gain a real-life understanding of the information in your learner manual.


Study Aids: diagrams, sketches, tables and schematics that summarise and explain key FGASA learning areas.

→ Use it to memorise animal classification, weather phenomena, insect life cycles and more.


Progress Quizzes: digital, multiple choice quizzes for each FGASA module.

→ Use it to test your knowledge as you work through the learner manual.

Who can join this tribe?

Anyone who intends to write the FGASA Apprentice Field Guide NQF2 exam or
the FGASA Nature Enthusiast Certificate exam (any of the online or on-site national sittings)
can join this group. The study material covers all 17 modules in the FGASA Nature Guide Learner Manual and provides a theoretical understanding of the content in the Guiding Skills Learner Manual.

How can the FGASA Online Tutorials help me?

FGASA accredited material for self-study students

By joining this group, self-study students gain access to the same lectures, practicals and study material as students on an accredited online course. The only difference is that self-study students learn independently at their own pace. This package
does not include full-time FGASA trainer-moderator interaction but live broadcast, interactive revision sessions are
scheduled ahead of every national sitting. These sessions give students an opportunity to ask questions about the work
and clear up any problems of understanding before the FGASA exam.

With so many high-quality study resources, you can surely increase your chances of passing your FGASA exam with flying
colours! You can expect to gain a clearer, deeper understanding of all the modules faster and enter the exam feeling prepared
and confident. Passing the exam the first time round allows you to advance to the next phase of your dream without delay.
Invest now to maintain your momentum towards your goal and save time and money later down the line.

We want to take you further, deeper and higher so that you get the most out of this learning e-dventure with Mother Nature.
We want to connect you with the FGASA curriculum as much as possible. The Campfire Online Tutorial Tribe brings self-study FGASA students together in a dedicated space where you can share and exchange with one another. You will become part of a
lively community of nature lovers from around the world who are just as eager to pursue a meaningful career or personal experience in nature.

Our admins monitor the functional aspects of the group and are always willing to assist with any technical questions
or issues. You can reach them via any of Campfire’s contact channels if you need help.

Please Note: Campfire Academy is a FGASA & CATHSETTA accredited training provider. The Campfire Online Tutorial Tribe does not constitute a FGASA course. It is a self-study platform created with FGASA accredited material and activities. In keeping with the standard requirements and expectations for self-study students, members of the Campfire Online Tutorial Tribe remain responsible for the administration and costs associated with FGASA registration & membership, purchasing learner manuals and FGASA exams. Students who join the Campfire Online Tutorial Tribe will still need to complete the relevant practical components mandated by their qualification in order to complete that qualification. Campfire Academy offers practical training and final assessments for FGASA students who have successfully completed the theoretical component of their qualification. Please contact us for more information.

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