Eco-Solution Research Internship

Imagine the thrill of watching a herd of elephants passing right by your
workspace or starting the day with a sunrise bush walk and seeing lions.

From our home on Tehillah Eco Village, you have the chance to contribute to sustainable lifeways and true conservation in a Big 5 nature reserve that forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park. During the course of your internship you can enjoy guided walks and game drives, explore a lively local culture and slot in with fun eco-training sessions.

The emphasis at Campfire is on localised and highly actionable solutions that can be implemented in rural and peri-urban communities, as well as the tourism industry, to reduce detrimental human impact and achieve eco-balance. We encourage creative and innovative investigation that remains conscious of real-life restrictions. We discourage research duplication and prefer candidates who are committed to seeing their solutions implemented.

Campfire is endorsed by a number of South African and international universities and other tertiary education institutions. All internships are supervised by a BSc graduate with specialist training skills.

Duration: 2 months minimum

Suggested Research Fields

Sustainable Food Production

Aquaponics & Aquaculture
Biological Control


Biofuel Production

Biodiesel Production
Utilisation of Biodiesel Byproducts


Grey Water Recycling & Management
Plastic Recycling & Re-Use
Glass Recycling & Re-Use
Compost Production


Nature Reserve Management

Biodiversity Database Compilation & Maintenance
Soil Erosion Prevention
Alien Vegetation Control
Wildlife Population Management

Internship Overview

Join an existing project or conceive
and execute your own.

You can participate in current research or design your own project with the guidance of a qualified supervisor, dependent on the requirements of your academic institution and your level of training. In all instances, students will receive training in:

  • Identifying and analysing real-life phenomena, situations or issues requiring scientific investigation
  • Defining relevant research areas and directions of investigation
  • Formulating concrete, investigable hypotheses
  • Developing research plans and methodologies
  • Implementing and executing research plans and methodologies
  • Collecting, analysing and interpreting data
  • Extracting meaningful information from data for application to real-life phenomena, situations or issues
  • Evaluating utility of extracted information
  • Identifying potential applications of information
The following is included in the total weekly internship fee:


Laundry Facilities

Wi-Fi access

Research & Academic Costs

(kindly contact us for a percentage breakdown)

Basic Equipment & Supplies

(kindly contact us for an inventory)

Your programme fee excludes:

Specialised Supplies & Equipment
Travel & Medical Insurance (no internships can be approved for students without adequate insurance)
Travel not related to the research project

Excursions not mandated by the research supervisor
Meals (kindly contact us about meal plans available at an additional fee)
Personal Items

You will be responsible for the travel arrangements and costs to reach Campfire Academy or any of our collection points in the Hoedspruit area before the start of the programme, as well as the arrangements and costs from Campfire Academy or any of our departure points at the end of the programme. The costs of optional and social activities not related to the programme and personal purchases remain the responsibility of the student.

A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm enrolment and is deductible from the total programme fee.

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