I once sat beside my father atop the Drakensberg, looking out over the Lowveld with stars in my eyes. My father had instilled in me a passion for nature but he recognised that my young enthusiasm might be lost without an equal passion to fulfil the responsibility that comes with it. Speaking about the array of life below, he said ‘this is their home and it is our privilege and our responsibility to share it with them’. He loved nature so honestly and selflessly. He was at his happiest among trees and grassy plains, rocks, rivers and wildlife, living as part of the natural world instead of something separate from it.

As a species, our intelligence and abilities put us in a privileged position. We can mistake this as a right to dominate our planet or we can embrace it as an opportunity to fulfil a unique role as custodians. We can not do this without the respect that comes from understanding that we need nature – physically, mentally and spiritually – to survive.

At Campfire Academy we aspire to provide every student of nature with the chance to LEARN, UNDERSTAND and eventually INSPIRE others through knowledge and action. We seek to break down the artificial divide between the ‘natural world’ and the ‘human world’; to reconcile them into one harmonious existence. True progress and development can not be achieved on a path of disconnection and destruction.

I challenge you, wherever you are and whatever you have at your disposal, to believe that you are important in this mission and that you are capable of making a difference. Nature loves courage. She always has a place for one more on her team and so do we.


Qualify as a FGASA Apprentice Field Guide, join us for an academic internship in sustainable living solutions or immerse yourself, body and mind, in the Big 5 bushveld. Nature wants to teach us. Let her nourish your mind and your soul. We prefer a fluid and spontaneous method of study. We learn through passion, not just facts and theory.

We keep it fresh to keep it fun because knowledge isn’t swallowed down in chunks. You gotta chew it, taste it. Find out what you like and then enjoy it.

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Rediscover the world beyond the concrete, walls and screens that modern life has erected. You might choose us for a learning holiday or energetic overland tours, but every experience offers the chance to reconnect with nature. Along the way, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the environment you inhabit and what you could do to achieve a more sustainable way of life. Are you brave enough for a journey? Would you like to see and hear with fresh eyes and ears? Explore this world with us and embrace a new perspective.

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People arrive at Campfire as visitors and leave as passionate ambassadors of Mother Nature. If everyone has a footprint on the environment, no-one is too small to have an opposite, positive impact. The learning and understanding that comes with every visit ensures that the journey which kicks off at Campfire continues for life. Bring your heart and your ideas and let’s develop your skills and creativity – for personal or professional growth. Together we can move towards the goal of eco-balance and sustainability that much faster.



Our sector has reopened and we have been approved to resume training in compliance with national public health regulations. Please visit the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal for more information.

FGASA Apprentice Field Guide NQF2 On-Site Courses
10 January 2022

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Lewyn Maefela

FGASA Graduate 2017  & Bush Babies Environmental Education Programme Manager

Andrew Macdonald

FGASA Graduate 2015 & Nature Photographer

Leslie Sandefur

FGASA Graduate 2018 & BSc Student

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